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 Chapter One: The Broken Seal

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Davven [Head GM]

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PostSubject: Chapter One: The Broken Seal   Mon May 11, 2009 10:26 pm

(Year 8077 - Arunafeltz and Prontera)

Hekate, a high priestess from the Veins Abbey, was lurking around Arunafeltz desert in order to train her skills and powers, rivalling her sister Nephilia as she wanted to be the best of all when suddenly, out of the scorching waves of heat, a call drifted in the winds. Being curious and entranced at the same time, Hekate followed the voice until she reached the opening of a cavern adorned in ice. She walked in and defeated the ice creatures, even Garm and Ktullanux, arriving to the core of the Force where it was frozen for eternity.

The Force has identified Hekate as being a perfect host for itself, therefore it started to seep out of the ice in order to start its process of manifestation, commanding Hekate to go back to the Abbey and kill everyone to state her power. As malice sprouted in the heart of the woman, she grinned and made her way to the surface once more, walking threateningly back to the Abbey. All the desert creatures fled helplessly and the winds blew wilder as nature itself felt the hazard of a monster that has risen back to the surface from the Ice Caverns.

As soon as she arrived on the island, Hekate started to destroy the buildings and slay her fellow priests one by one. As some tried to counter her back, others fled for their lives however, all of the attempts alike were all in vain. Hekate was simply too powered with her new gift from its new entity and the Bishop desperately tried to smuggle out as much priests as he could. As soon as Hekate put her eyes on her sister Nephilia she tried to engage her in battle and struggling between them made Nephilia realize that there was something wrong with her sister, trying to clash head to head with her in order to stop her yet all was in vain. Nephilia fled for her life with Hekate on her tail, crying out for help in order to save her life. Bishop Hibram was terrified by the scene, therefore he intervened in order to give Nephilia time to flee for her life along with the other priests and therefore resulted into the downfall of the Bishop.

Nephilia looked back at the Abbey from the departing boat as she saw a curtain of evil shadowing the Abbey, cursing every inch of it. As the burden of sadness grew on the priestess’ mind, Nephilia and the rest of the priests went to find shelter in the capital city of Arunafeltz, Rachel.

(Years 8078-8088 - Arunafeltz, Prontera and Morocc)

After a year, Arunafeltz started to suffer attacks that caused the desertion of beins and the civil war in Arunafeltz. As Hekate spread the powerful influence of the Force, she gained a small army of her own and further power of dominance, eventually the influence started to interfere the religious beliefs of Rachel. The Pope himself started to oppose the Church of Prontera, the citizens of Rachel started to believe that Hekate is a Goddess called “Freya”, commanding them into performing bloody rituals and become her underlings to spread her word. As soon as her sister Nephilia saw this, she fled to Prontera as she stayed loyal to the proper gods.

Other events such as the downfall of the King and the Pope followed, become Beelzebub and The Gloom Under Night respectfully; as one was stuck in Rachel Sanctuary as a defender of the faith, the King was shunned in the Abbey as a punishment for not accepting the “true” religion of Freya. Nephilia rose from all the conflicts and made a pact with the gods as she knew she was the only one that successfully rivalled her sister before. She exchanged her freedom with power in order to aid the populace and therefore becoming the most powerful Priestess on Advent.

Nephilia countered Hekate successfully in order not to dominate Rune-Midgard with her religion charade and by time held command of the Church, therefore gaining the title of “Pope” and also being the first woman gaining such a title.

Hekate, enraged by the interference of her sister Nephilia, stormed out of Arunafeltz and took her small small army of bandits and marched to the Sograt Regime. With the intentions of taking Morocc under her hand for strategy reasons, stormed into the city and fought her way to the Sultan. As her underlings fought and killed half of the populace, Hekate threw over the government by killing the Sultan and declaring herself of being the Govenor, with the newly founded “Organisation” as her personal guards system.

The Story so far - Part I
(Year 8088 - Nowadays)
(This information can be known by all ICly, so if you’re a new player and you’re about to create a new character, she/he can know what happened from this point.)

Hekate has gained total control over Morocc and the Sograt Regime and for years opposed Nephilia in order to take Rune-Midgard. She threw multiple attacks against Prontera itself, trying to overthrow the Pope however it was all in vain therefore the Govenor started to plan out a different strategy.

The Governor laid low for some time in order to see an opportunity arising and that opportunity emerged when the last male Valkyrie Demian was set loose on Advent from Odin Isle. Preventing the heroes’ aid from reaching the Pope due to the god Silven locking them into Moscovia and Nephilia putting her focus on the Valkyrie; Hekate seized the opportunity to divert the attack onto Payon instead of Prontera, where a new king rose to the throne. She marched after a few weeks to the city of Rune Midgard, attacking the citizens and climbing up to the King himself in order to exterminate him for dominance. As soon as Silven saw this, he put down the barrier fast and sent them to get to Payon as fast as possible. In a panic the heroes did as told in order to prevent more damage, yet they failed by a hair since Hekate overwhelmed them with her power. As soon as the hope seemed to be gone and lost, the Pope arrived in order to engage a battle with the Govenor.

The battle was quite fierce, yet short as Nephilia managed to take the upper hand. As the Governor retreated, Payon was by now mostly destroyed as some citizens remained alive. The King was well as well, the Pope took the Heroes and the survivors to Prontera in order to shelter them and dispatched soldiers in Payon in order to keep the Organisation away from those areas.

Hekate was badly injured and therefore remained inactive for some time. As the heroes sought for a way in order to defeat Hekate once and for all, Nephilia revealed that there is one possible way that has been hidden in the Pyramids for a very long time, only waiting for the outsiders to be translated. The heroes had to first recover two pieces of translation stones in order to decipher the ancient language: the Rosatta Stone and the Tablet, and so a few of them paid a visit in order to recover them from Amon Ra and the Pharaoh respectively. First they visited Amon Ra who at first fought them as he was suspicious and paranoid of the Organisation, and then he had a discussion with them as soon as he realized that they had nothing to do with them. He gladly passed on to the Rossata Stone, revealing that a mysterious assassin in gold who was now part of the Organisation is to be his daughter under the influence of the force, pledging alliance with the Church only if they managed to free the assassin from under such an influence.

The Pharaoh was visited by another hero in the meantime, where she was being tailed by the assassin in gold. When the hero met the Pharaoh, who scared the assassin away, a discussion commenced and the hero revealed how the situation is upon the surface. In return the Pharaoh revealed that the assassin’s name is Ankasamun whom in the past was his loyal royal wife and along with such a truth a brief history of ancient Morocc was revealed:

“Long ago when Morocc was bigger and still under the rule of the Pharaoh, a tragedy occurred throughout the lands. A man that came to be known as Osiris has returned from his long voyages throughout the continent and the creatures of Morocc feared him greatly. The winds grew wilder as the man entered the mighty capital of the Sograt Regime, starting to assault the city in order to gain control over it. Seeing such, the Pharaoh was worried to death about the downfall of his city; therefore he personally faced him with the company of three royal guards and his wife and as the Pharaoh and his company struggled against Osiris to defeat him, Amon Ra performed his magic to mirror back the force’s power onto Osiris.

However such a magic backfired; it didn’t only curse Osiris alone but the whole populace by being locked up in the huge royal tombs for all times....until the curse is broken.”

With that the Pharaoh handed over his Tablet and swore alliance to the heroes. Both of the pieces of stones managed to reach the Pope and enthralled, Nephilia delivered them herself to Yuno Academy. By the help of Moonstone the Head Scholar and another sage hero, the tablets have been successfully translated into the common language and had it and the translation stones delivered back to the Pope of Prontera.

After that Hekate launched a surprise attack onto Moscovia, where the heroes were too overwhelmed by the forces of the Organisation as they were unprepared. Nephilia warped herself to Moscovia as soon as she heard of the assault and warped away the heroes and some survivors to a new city called Shyden, a place occupying a small island. Moscovia has fallen in the hands of the Govenor and her Organisation as the Pope struggled in order to increase the defences and heal the wounded along with other priests.

Nephilia secretly dispatched a group of researchers to Sograt Regime in order to gain the information. The researchers successfully sneaked in the Regime and set their camps up, travelling deep in the Sphinx and the Pyramids in order to obtain the weapon to counter the Force. Unfortunately however they got detected by time and therefore Hekate dispatched her Left Hand Aira in order to wipe them out. She took another member with her, the golden assassin in order to make the majority of the work, which succeeded until they got into the Pyramids themselves. While the assassin was kept captive by Amon Ra in order to break free from the influence, Aira managed to escape with the stones thanks to the help of yet another Organisation member; the Right Hand of the Govenor: Aqua.

Searching for sages in order to translate these stones, a few Church researchers managed to flee to Prontera with the actual translations from the Academy and a full report on how to seal the Force once more, by finding the elements and gain an Avatar from each. Such a task was done in a few weeks, resulting in gaining the six basic elements of Advent: Ice, Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth and Air. In the meantime, Hekate's right hand was reported to be missing in action.

The Final Attack - Part II

After a long time waiting for underground preparations, the Pronteran Pope broadcasted in Shyden and declared the attack's date. After a week the Pope returned to Shyden in order to explain to the avatars the last ritual they will need to exorcise the Force out of Hekate and to experiment they did such on the old Force-infested Osiris.

After successfully exorcising the carcass of its Force, the Pope called for Noah Kelten in order to declare his plans to the people present. They split into three groups; one with the Pope, Fire avatar, Earth avatar and three other people to attack by warping in normally with the Warping Agent, the second group, consisting of the Air avatar, Water avatar and four more people to land by ship from the opposite side and the third group, consisting of the Ice avatar, Lightning avatar and four more people where to be finally warped in the middle of Moscovia as a back-up group and to reach Hekate with an extra boost.

They finally made it to Hekate and the final battle engaged; she summoned several of her minions including Moonlight, Gloom Under Night and Kiel, however this resulted not to be sufficient. After a great effort the heroes managed to weaken the Govenor; the Pope successfully bound her and dragged her to the center with levitation.

The avatars quickly gathered around and started their ritual while the city was set ablaze on fire. Pulling up a shield in order not to get affected by it, the ritual has continued and finally resulted to be successful, leaving the Govenor clueless, sad and confused about what was going on around her.

Nephilia picked up the Govenor and ran off with the rest to the docks, getting aboard and shipped away to Alberta. On their way it was uncovered that the Pope and the Govenor were sisters and in the end, the Pope simply wanted her freed rather than dead. However when they embarked in Alberta, Hekate passed away. As the Pope left without a word due to her grief, her contract was broken and so the Pope gained her liberty back yet weakened to be back to her own capabilities.

However, an eclipse has begun which was shadowing the sun at a very slow pace...

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: The Broken Seal   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:33 pm

All Hope is Gone - Part III

As soon as the eclipse became full, a huge earthquake struck and Sagis woke up, declaring his former position and extending an offer of joining as part of his legion. Having only two people in Shyden (Absinthe and Tiil Sum) answering to his call, he changed them into demons and appeared in front of the crowd. He has declared his intentions and without even thinking it twice, he summoned the rest of his minions to kill off all the people of Advent.

Chaos struck on the lands, demons crawled on the lands and the world has gone dim...everyone was dead and lurking in Niflheim. As everyone was shocked about being in Niflheim, they started to find means and ways to get out and at the same time questioning their deaths. There were five figues in the whole world that didn't die of Sagis' curse and massacre: Davven, Adrianne, Velvet, Alisette and Alisha.

Alisha was quite overburdened with the amount of souls that started to stream in, even that some of them were being lost immediately in what was called the Non-Existance; a hellish place of no return at all, where a soul is to be forever imprisoned and never know or have life again. She spent a few days thinking on what could be done in order to get them back to the surface and by coincidence, she remembered about the exiatance of three books; Book of Death, Book of Balance and Book of Life. Such books were used in very extreme cases where more than half hte people die off the face of Advent.

She tracked down the first one, being held by no other than Lord of Death himself and sent the souls to face him...as they were the eager ones to come back to life. They duelled him twice and escaped from them three times, but afterwards he grudgingly handed in the Book of Death to Alisha. He also revealed the second location of the Book of Balance, which was in the Valley of Gyoll.

The next day, Velvet visited Skeleton Village and ran into Doppelganger, an old friend that she hasn't seen in quite some years. After a long conversation, Velvet discovered that her friend was the protector of the Book of Life. After some discussion and such she took the Book of Life from him and ran off to Nifleheim in haste, handing over the Book to Alisha.

Having to find the last book Alisha joined the rest of the souls to find the last Protector of the Book of Balance. They went out from Nifleheim and to the Valley of Gyoll, running around the thin cliffs and avoiding the other souls only to find Baphomet resting his shoulder on a nearby tree. He was sceptical towards the crowd until he identified Alisha, explaining to him that they need his book in order to get back to living. Baphomet grunted at such a request, revealing that he will only trade the book with a soul that is willing to sacrifice for him. Conflicting with each other, only two souls turned in to his request and prepared themselves to be qiped out of existence. Baphomet remained amused at such and denied both souls as it was only a test that he was running to see how willing they are to live again, therefore he tried to summon his book back...

But to their misfortune, it was nicked by demented Varasha.

Alisha and the rest hurried back to Niflheim only to find her making chaos at Alisha's house. An infuriated Alisha chased her down and slipped out of their hands, ending up with Varasha escaping to the Necromancy Hall or as some people know it, the Witch's House. Finally catching her, Alisha aquired the last book that she needed: the Book of Balance.

After a few days of preperation, Alisha has taught the souls an incantation that they had to say while standing in a circle. She made them form it and she was standing in the middle with the books opened around her in mid-air. As the chanting proceeded, the gods rapidly made bodies and started to put souls into them, finally everyone had aquired a living body. Alisha rushed them to Shyden, where they met Adrianne. As a welcome back party the heroes found demons to fight against however none of them were affected by the curse due to the incantation; it gave them immunity against Sagis for a while. Not lasting for a long time though, therefore the people had to run to the caves. They met Davven there and rushed into Nirvana in order to find Sagis.

They found the banned god sitting on his throne in the middle of all his wild experiments, grinning at his own creations and the amusement of the company he has just gained. Knowing that this was his end, Sagis summoned more demons onto them in hopes to kill everyone once more however, he didn't notice Davven and Adrianne were moving towards him. In the midst of the chaos, the two of them grabbed onto Sagis' sides and placed the seal on him, resulting in Sagis being sealed and Davven and Adrianne dead.

After such the caverns and Nirvana were falling apart, and everyone rushed out of the place...

Now, the Advent rests in Serenity, with eternal night.


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: The Broken Seal   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:35 pm


All hope is gone added on 23rd June, 2009
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Chapter One: The Broken Seal
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