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Davven [Head GM]
Davven [Head GM]

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PostSubject: AdventRO Customs   AdventRO Customs I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 4:58 pm

Since people asks about this too much, I'm finally throwing a list of the Custom things that AdventRO got. It'll be updated each time something Is nerf'd/changed/added etc.

Nerf'd/Powered-Up/New Cards:
Elder's Card: Gives +2 level Warp skill.
Vitata Card: Gives +11 level Heal skill.
Doppel-Ganger Card: (Boost your ASPD to the MAX. aka 197 Attack speed.)
Tao-Gunka Card: ( +75% HP, -25 DEF/MDEF )
Golden Thief Bug Card: ( Halves all Magic Damage you take from Monsters/Players )
Moonlight Flower Card: ( +75% Movement Speed )
Prince of Emo Card: ( +5 on all stats and makes you see hidden/cloaked players/monsters )

All Clothes you get from the Clothes NPC will Bonus you with the following skills: ( Preapare Whirlwind Kick, Preapare Axe Kick, Preapare Round Kick, Preapare Round Kick, First Aid and Trick Dead.)
((These Were added to help the RPing.))
Mounted Ranger Clothes and Mounted Rune-Knight Clothes:
( All the Preapare kicks, Trick Dead, First Aid and also +25% movement Speed. )
A New Class Sprite that is Property of AdventRO: Gunslinger Mount.
(+70% Movement Speed)
A New Class Sprite that is Property of AdventRO: High Priest Mount.
(+70% Movement Speed)
A New Class Sprite that is Property of AdventRO: Professor Mount.
(+70% Movement Speed)

MISC: A Mobile System that sends and recieve messages!! With a Motorola Cell phone. (Created by Davven)

A Fishing System where you can get fishy things. (Created by Davven)

A Treasure System, which allows you to find keys, find Chests and open them to fine nice stuff! (Created by Davven)

A Mining System where you can get easy money, and smithing items. (Created by Davven)

A Refine System, where you yourself can learn to Refine any item to +10.
(Created by Davven)

Custom/edited Maps:
Fairy land
Fairy Town
Prontera's Church
Shyden Town
Shyden's Port
Nifflheim's Indoor rooms
Lighthalzen Hospital
Prontera's Church

Skills and Classes:
Gunslingers, Archers and Ninjas are given level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit.
Soul-Linkers can Soul Link their selves and use Kaizel, Kaahi, Kaupe and Kaite on other players.
Two-hand Quicken can now be used with anything, and doesn't require two-handed sword equipped.

A Whole Mall with NPCs where you can buy all AdventRO's Custom headgears.

Porings drop Poring coins (5.00% Drop rate ) That can be sold for 250,000 zenny. (This is to help you buy the custom headgears.)

Digital Arena, where you can challenge most of the strongers MVPs, Access to Infinite Tower, Lighthalzen's Bio labs, Kiel Dungeon and Cursed Glastheim and Cloning Arena.

1) Adam, For Valkyrie Feather Band. Location; Moscovia.
2) Eve, For Soul Ring. Location; Moscovia.
3) Vilvilla, For Ribbon Hat. Location; Fairy Land.
4) Aruvia, For Pagdayaw. Location; Comodo.
5) Fanboy, For Drooping Davvy. Location; Shyden.
6) Brandon, For Cyclops Eyes. Location; Shyden.
7) Cool Guy, For Hunter's Cap. Location; Comodo.
8) Vidua, For Ayam. Location; Shyden. Note: Walking NPC
9) New NPC at the mall that allows you to preview any headgear just to see how it fits your character.
And Lots More HeadGear NPCs all over the world!

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AdventRO Customs
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