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 AdventRO Commands

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PostSubject: AdventRO Commands   AdventRO Commands I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 05, 2008 6:47 pm

Character Commands.

General RP commands are as follows.

@me - Allows you to 'emote', like through RP.

Pet and Homunculus commands:

@pettalk - Allows your pet to speak its mind. Scary.
@homtalk - Allows your homunculus (As opposed to a pet) speak.

@duel , @accept and @leave

@duel is a command to invite someone in a duel.
For example, @duel <Name>
EX: @duel John

When you do this, the other player receives the in invite.
To accept the Invite, you type the command @accept .
This will automatically lets you hit each other.

To leave the duel, you simply type the command @leave .


ALT+ Q Opens your Equipment Window.
ALT+ E Opens your Inventory Window.
ALT+ A Opens your Status Window.
ALT+ S Open your Skills Window.
ALT+ Z Opens the Party Members Window.
ALT+ O Opens the options Window.
ALT+ L Open your Emoicon Window.
ALT+ M Opens your Shortcut Window.
ALT+ Y Opens you your commands Window.
ALT+ I Opens your Friend Setup Window.
ALT+ G Opens your Guild Window. (( If you are in one. ))
ALT+ D Opens Arrange Details Window.
ALT+ C Opens a Char Room Window.
ALT+ V Opens the Basic Info Window.
ALT+ J Opens your Pet Information and Such.

Create a party/ Leave party

/organize partyname
To let other people in the party, simply right click on someone, and
Press on "Invite to party" option. To leave party, type /leave and you will automatically
leave the party.
To change Party leader type @changeleader fullname

To open the party options, type @partyoption

/nc command makes your character keeps on attacking, so you don't have to keep clicking on a monster.
@autoloot command will loot automatically all the monsters drop when you kill it.

@mi <Monster ID or Name>
This will show you what drops the monster drops and his status.

@whodrops <Item ID or Name>
This will let you know which monsters drop that Item.

/guild <Guild Name>
This will let you create you new guild, but you need to have at least one emperium in your inventory.
To invite someone in your guild, simply right click on the character and press on the
"Send guild Invite" option.

@changegm <Character Name>
This will let you change the Guildleader. You can use this command if you -are- the leader,
and the selected player you want to be the leader must be in your guild.

To expel someone from the guild, open the Guild Window, ( ALT+G ) Right click on the name you want to expel, and
click on the "Expel" option. To leave a guild, Simply right click on your name in the Guild Window, and select
the "Leave" option.

This tells you if anybody else is online.

This command redraws the screen, allowing you to see changes that took place, like a guild invite or a name change. It also helps when a bug shows itself and doesn't want to go away.

@dye <numberhere>
For example @dye 77 will change the colors of your clothes black.

@hcolor <numberhere>
For example @hcolor 21 will dye your hair black.

@hstyle <numberhere>
For example @hstyle 18 will turn your hair emo, if on male.

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AdventRO Commands
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