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 Chapter Two: Awakening Despair

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PostSubject: Chapter Two: Awakening Despair   Chapter Two: Awakening Despair I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 6:28 pm

Chapter Two: Awakening Despair
Prologue: The Orc Attack

The adventurers of Advent who were usually are found lounging around in the city of Shyden, have encountered a strange surprise attack by the Orcs that have thrown them off guard greatly. With this attack most of the town folks fled to Harmonia by accessing the old abandoned Tram Station of Shyden.

Left dumbstruck and bemused, the few adventurers that have been caught in this attack have shortly after started to plot something out in order to drive out the Orcs off the island. Everyone wasn't sure why the Orcs have attacked such a small island. However a trainee tactician who went by the name of Daniel Bartlo, rose from all the town folks and approached the adventurers as he saw they had potential. Together they forged a plan; putting Jeremiah Clematis as the leader of the small attacking unit, they decided to make 3 assassins (who went by the names of Kenryo, Jirair and Keniichii) advance forward and clear the abandoned Tram Station before Clematis could advance to Shyden and wipe out the Orcs.

The Heroes followed Daniel Bartlo's plan, the Three assassins cleared the path to Shyden, and Jeremiah lead the Army to the Orc's lord, which they defeated. Shyden was taken back successfully!!

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Number of posts : 381
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Two: Awakening Despair   Chapter Two: Awakening Despair I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 7:31 pm

Part 1: Amdis

1.1: Mayor of Geffen (summary from "The Happenings")

A few months ago when the world has fallen once again in peace, a new menace started to grow in the heart of Niflheim. Driven mad, Alisha Tufur was stuck in her house and seeing hallucinations and having taunts from a mirror that was as old as herself. A magical mirror; one that had her other persona sealed for more than 2500 years, an old Countess that wanted nothing but to regain her former glory.

After weeks of getting the tauntings, Alisha faced the mirror in order to face her former self and was tricked into stumbling in her own anger by casting a blow of magic upon the hideous figure of her past. This backfired onto Alisha and, within seconds, they swapped places. Alisha was trapped in the mirror and laying dormant while her other self, who was afterwards recognized as "Amdis", started to craete havoc to her closest of friends in order to find leads on where to start to gain her throne once more.

This has put not only her circle of friends in doubt and trouble, but also the adventurers that met in Shyden. As Amdis broke loose and caused mayhem in different areas, the heroes started to find means and ways to gain back their Niflheim Mayor back from her deep sleep. They have encountered different obstacles however; Alisha's house was burned down, the mirror got shattered and Amdis toyed around them to keep them at bay as much as she could. However they managed to drive her out and the players started to think what could they do to restore the mirror in order to attempt in pulling out Alisha once more.

In the meantime, Amdis kept visiting Shyden and taunting the adventurers without breaking the Law, playing the dirty trick with the regulations as they could not stand her one bit. She fought when they only provoked her and, most of them, where done in her Throne Chambers that nobody really know where or how were they were.

Upon researching, heroes found a different result of how they can pull out the Mayor. Taking the largest piece of the mirror and developing a spell thanks to the mages that hung around with them, they waited for a good moment to ensnare Amdis in the city. Such a time came and, when it did, they used Amdis' own magic onto the mirror in order to pull Alisha out. However due to the different construction of the magical formula Alisha and Amdis were now different entities, like identical twins with different magical capabilities.

Upon such, Amdis was terribly horrified and fled Shyden as fast as she could as she was rendered powerless, going in hiding for a month or so. however her attacks did not stop there; it was not long when the heroes heard that Amdis has struck Geffen and successfully taken it under her hands with the help of other villains allying with her. Thanks to such, Amdis was not only one step forward in taking her old City back under her rule but she was also the new Guardian of the Elemental Gem, one that boosted her elemental magics greatly.

The heroes didn't seem to have the heart or courage to face her once more and left her be in her city...

1.2: The Fall of Prontera

Out of the blue, Amdis has appeared in Prontera once more and started to work her magic to burn down the place however this time she wasn't alone. Surprisingly forging an alliance with the Arunafeltz' Archbishop shortly after her personal assault on Prontera, she had the backup of around 3,000 men.

Being taken by complete surprise and with the Army of Prontera being still weak, the Pope of Prontera had no choice but to retreat and evacuate as much people as she could. Amdis declared Prontera as being under her rule and moved to it temporarily, while the Arunafeltz declared Prontera's new religion being Freyanism.

Sadly the Church suffered many losses; around half of the citizens of Prontera were arrested and the many left are either wounded or half-dead. Along with Prontera, Izlude and St.Capitolina Abbey fell as they were infiltrated shortly afterward by Aruna Soldiers.

They are now residing in Payon where they are being treated, however the Payon King is proving to be very hostile regarding the whole situation and did not offer his services right away. Fearing the Arunafeltz's might, the King gave down strict orders to the Pope to deal with it with more caution, as he fears that the Force (which is an old menace from past events) is at work once more.

Upon discovering such hostility towards the Pope, a few individuals are starting to doubt the King's authority...

1.3: The Search for Dracul

Everyone is to gather in Shyden and will advance to Geffen through Warper Agent. On a related note, everyone is advised to be prepared with their best equipment as no one will know what will happen upon arrival and whom they may encounter.

The Party that aided Falkon has advanced to Geffen to face several Elemental Creatures pre-summoned in the city by Amdis herself. Once they got into the tower the group faced a hologram of Dracula, defeated it and got the past first magical barrier.

After a few staircases they faced yet again another magical barrier, where Falkon alone tried to break. Failing to do so, the party faced a hologram of Beelzebub that disappeared after a few. When the whole group, magical or not, tried to break the barrier...they managed as they co-operated in a mass, therefore got past the second magical obstacle.

The party finally reached the area near Dracula's mansion and found the Master Sire Dracula standing in front of it. Falkon tried to communicate with the Lord and after a little discussion, the party found out that Dracula was bound by force to his mansion thanks to Amdis.

Given little choice, Dracula gave his racial dominance to Falkon and asked the rest of the party to find the Magic Wells as it was apparently the only source that weakened her greatly. Little did the players know that Dracula was on the verge of his his life due to the magical drain Amdis performed onto him. Shortly after Dracula's "death" the whole place started to tear apart. However to their fortune, some heroes knew the knowledge of Warp portals and warped everyone safely back to Shyden.

Falkon is declared to be the Master Sire (Vampire Race Leader) and Dracula is now merely an essence in the dungeon in rubble (still ICly available as MVP).

1.4: The King is dead

The Pope arrived back from negotiations with the Archipelago of Yuan, revealing that she has to give up Payon after the attack of the Capital. Not amused at all by this, the Pope along with the heroes present in Payon discussed several things in preparation for what's coming. Suddenly however two figures came in; one of them stopped next to them while the other person, afterwards identified as Davven, proceeded to the castle. Shortly after heavy sounds of artillery and explosions could be heard from the Castle's direction. Shocked by such, the group along with the Pope rushed to the castle, only to see Davven walking out with the King's carcass. Tossing it to the ground, he walked off as the group remained dumbstruck and shocked.

Thrown into chaos and conflicts, the citizens of Payon and the Guards of both Church and King started to fight and the killer was nowhere to be seen at this point; until a King's Guard walked out of the burning Palace and fell to the ground dead. Having the forged letters in his hands, another King's Guard picked them up and read them.

The Guard was in complete shock that the King was going to sell them out so easily, showing them to the rest of the Guards that were employed under the King. Shocked as much as he was, the rest of the Guards agreed that their King was, all in all, corrupt. Payon and Prontera citizens alike asked about who will be the new King, yet to their dismay they found out from the Pope that the King left no heirs. After a long silence everyone agreed that the King's Advisor should take control and the only one that had such a role was the Pope herself. Upon such a decision, the Pope agreed and Rune-Midgarts was declared as a Theocratic Region with the empire's name changed to Holy Regime of Rune-Midgarts.

With the Arunafeltz still clueless about the King's death, the Pope's defenses are increasing in numbers...

1.5: Invasion of Payon

The Pope and the rest of the Army awaited the invasion of Arunafeltz as the enemy marched foward towards the. Upon striking, Payon seemed to be losing to Arunafeltz because of its sheer magical power until Alisha striked onto Geffen and Amdis had to rereat back to Geffen, which make Arunafeltz lose half of its force. Now left alone, Arunafeltz hold onto Prontera like never before.

Taking a high risk, the Pope along with the army she managed to gathered up advanced to Izlude as their last aim and successfully wiped out the Arunafeltz out of the town. Being Rune-Midgarts territory once more, the Pope seeked out its former soldiers in Izlude in order to move out for their last attack...

Keeping her work, the Pope handed over Payon to Emperor Yan. Payon is now officially part of the Archipelago of Yuan.

As a last order, the Pope declared that they will be taking Prontera back in two days time.

1.6: The Last Dash

After the Invasion of Payon, the Pope along with the gathered forces have not only successfully pushed the Arunafeltz and Amdis out of Payon but also re-took Izlude under their hands once more. With such a victory, the Pope declared that Prontera is to be taken a few days' time.

With such an announcment and with the Arunafeltz breaking alliance with Amdis, everyone is hastily preparing in order to drive Arunafeltz out of Rune-Midgarts once and for all...

Everyone gathered in Izlude and the Pope shortly approached them, explaining their objective as the rest of the armies advanced to Prontera under the command of Emperor Yan and Izludian General. After clearing up their aim, which was the Church to seize the White Crystal in their hands, the heroes along with the Pope advanced to south gates of Prontera.

They waited for a few as the rest of the armies commenced their attacks; the Yuanese armies attacked East Gates while the Izlude Forces attacked the West Gates. The South Gates were attacked by the Pronteran Forces and ex-King's Army, with the heroes' party behind.

As the battle waged on, the party dashed to the Church in order to quickly get their primal aim. Eliminating only obstacles in the way, they managed to reach their destination and got through the Church's heavy doors, only to encounter the Archbishop of Arunafeltz near the altar. After seeing that he would not back down without a fight, the heroes engaged him in battle.

To their surprise and after a short fight, the Bishop started to deform and change into a hideous creature, engaging battle with them for longer than the group of heroes has expected, however they managed to bring him down.

The Pope afterward approached the altar and renewed her pact onto the Crystal, yet she made it in a way to assure herself about a doubt of hers. She made a temporary pact on the Crystal only if the Force was around back in influence and...to her dismay, the pact was done. Trading her Freedom to Power the Pope was under the pact once more, making her the Guardian of the White Crystal.

Now all the heroes are setting themselves in taking down Amdis as all the Magic Wells were finally found...

1.7: Ascending the Wizardry Tower

As the party sluggishly started to gather, the Crystals were activated one by one. Alisha at one point in time came in Shyden to wait for the rest shortly after she activated the Black Crystal. She was quite disappointed at the great lack of people as in the end only seven were present for the battle against such a huge menace...something that really ticked Alisha the wrong way.

Alisha looked at all the people that gathered and asked them if they still wish to pin down Amdis despite of being few in numbers. Seeing that they were keen nonetheless, she advanced to Geffen through warper.

As the Pope's and Alisha's small armies bashed the gates and the witches still chanting to activate their wells, Alisha and the rest of the heroes dashed to the tower and wiped out the Elemental invaded floors. They advanced to the top floor and Amdis could not be found, however...they got whisked into Amdis' "chambers".

Amdis as confident as ever tried to cast her magics over the people that got in the chambers, however much to her surprise she could not be able to perform anything. Alisha smiled as she knew that meant one thing; the Occult Wells were active and not only did it nullify the Elemental Gem but also the person assigned to it. Underestimating her, one of the heroes approached Amdis and tried to hand her over a sword however Amdis packed a punch in his face and a sick green aura gathered around her. To evevryone's surprise, Amdis morphed into the form of an anorexic werewolf and...didn't seem like herself anymore.

Summoning a huge axe, she fought the heroes and fell to her demise, causing great damage to the present party in the process. As Alisha dashed to her and captured back Amdis' essence in a small orb of deteriorating light, the green light faded as it declared itself to be called Avarice. Putting the heroes in several questions, including Alisha, they decided to wait till later to figure out what they have just encountered. Alisha swallowed the orb and merged with herself, casting a powerful ray of magic that shattered the place and transporting everyone back to Geffen.

Overjoyed that Geffen was finally liberated, Alisha declared that she still had a task to perform: the liberation of Geffenia. The heroes agreed in aiding her and went in the undergrounds until they reached the Tower leading to Geffenia, discovering that it had quite a powerful barrier. After several attempts they managed to break the barrier, going down in the city and discovering that the place was pretty much rundown with confusion. Alisha decided to stay while the rest of the heroes were transported back to Shyden through a warp.

Shortly after, Alisha was declared as the Succubus Queen and the player questioned what is to happen of Geffen. Deciding to go to Prontera the next day, all the heroes went to get their well-deserved rest.

COMING SOON: Part 2: Thanatos

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Chapter Two: Awakening Despair
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